Prohibition of Discrimination

Equal Opportunity for all

The company will ensure that there is no discrimination, direct or indirect, against any person on the ground of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sex, sexual, orientation, marital status in any aspect of recruitment and selection.


Wages paid for regular working hours, overtime hours and overtime differentials shall meet or exceed legal minimums and /or industry standards. Illegal or unauthorized deductions from wages shall not be made. The company is fully committed to a pay structure that rewards performance. The company is pledge bound to comply with all relevant regulations and/or local practices in respect of compensation, paid leaves, maternity benefits, as well as other financial benefits.

Workplace health and safety

A clear set of relation and procedures has been established and followed regarding the occupational heath and safety. Our company is committed to implement and where reasonably practicable, continuously improve effective healthy standards, which should reflect best industry practice. We shall comply with the requirements of appropriate national and international regulations and CoC. Where no regularity control exists; the company must develop and impose its own standards. We shall ensure that potential health and safety risks associated with all the company’s activities are assessed as early as is practicable in order to minimize adverse apex and to identify opportunities for improvement. We will motivate our subcontractors to promote social compliance management in their respective workplace.

Prohibition of child labor

Child labor is forbidden as defined by the ILO and United Nations conventions and/or by National Law. No person irrespective of male or female gender who has not completed 14 years of age are not allowed to recruit and employ of any nature of job. The rights of young workers must be protected ion the company.

Prohibition of forced labor

Our company shall not use any force labor whether in the form of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or otherwise which is prohibited as per law of the land and/or international instruments.

Environmental issues

Our company is firmly committed to comply with all relevant/applicable environmental legislation of Bangladesh Govt. to ensure environmental protection in the process of using raw materials, manufacturing products and discharging wastages, the company shall follow the guidelines and standard methods of various aspects of the environmental conservation and rules of the concerned regulatory bodies.

Management Practice

Our company’s social requirements as defined above shall be incorporated in our company policies. Employees shall be informed about the contents of our code. In order to meet all requirements as set forth in this code and in national Laws, the company shall establish required set of management functions. We would motivate our business partners to demonstrate compliance with this code and National Laws.

CSR programs in brief

  • Annual eye & dental camp
  • Relief aid in natural disasters
  • Tree plantation program
  • Tour program for executive level
  • Festival gift & greetings for staff of all religions
  • Transport facilities for the workers and staff
  • Skill development programs
  • Environmental and eco-friendly activities
  • Innovative approaches for women empowerment